Summertime Blues

It seems that a slow economy has turned into a plus for some kids. My son and many of his friends are not attending any camp whatsoever this summer. I work here at home so keeping him company is no problem, but he loves and needs social interaction and play. Because things are tough all around, there seem to be more kids at home this summer.

My own summers were never spent at camp. My father did not have the cash to spring for it. Most of my friends were in the same boat so we made the best of it. And the answer: LOTS OF WATER FIGHTS!!. Many long bike rides, freeze tag at night. Also at that time (late 60’s) there summer centers which were sponsored by the public schools. The school gyms would be opened and work as a kind of free day camp, which was staffed by teachers and volunteers. Pool tables, ping pong, chess, knock hockey, dodge ball and softball were all offered. There was a mid summer track meet for all the local schools. There were lots of tournaments and an end of season awards ceremony. We had access to the pool at Bayside High School and organized sports for both girls and boys. I sure wish they had this program again (or do they).

If you know anything, speak now. If your kids are around, maybe …


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