Searching for Echoes

I have been poking around word press this morning looking for sympathetic voices in the free school movement. I am hoping to hear some response today to my inquiries.

In the meantime, I have nothing really serious to report other than I have scheduled Oct of this year for some events. All of these will be at Vox Pop (, but I think that is changing soon and the new site will go live any day now).

Oct 1: I will hanging some old prints in the cafe as I revisit a commission I was involved with for East German playwright Heiner Mueller. I am right now rereading the play on which the illustrations were based on and I may create one or two more. The images were some of the last digital creations I worked on before returning full force to drawing, and the background story as to how I came to be involved with this project has been interesting. The opening will be that evening at Voxpop.

Oct 15; A community gathering of families, teachers and friends of the Brooklyn Free School. It is yet unfixed but this looks to be a 5 year birthday bash for the school as well as a fundraiser. I will be looking for performers for this event.

Oct 29: I will close the art show as well as perform(solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar) as part of Open Mic Presents. Yes I play guitar solo and I will once again try to channel Orpheus into my dancing fingers. Stay tuned.

Thanks to those who visited here in the last few days. It means a lot to me. The graph of visitors shot up to 22 and 25 on Thurs and Friday. Keep coming back and please leave comments. I need stuff to react to. This new writing adventure is inspiring, and it needs help to keep it going as it’s ultimate goal is to get a national conversation on education going. There seems to be little pockets of activity, but some of the responses I have gotten, both here and on facebook, and directly, has shown me that our feelings about how education has failed all of us, are not lone cries in the wilderness, but a slowly rising chant. I want to hear your voices. And the one line I will steal from Milk (watched it yesterday…so so) is “I am here to recruit you!”

Be well, friends. Later.


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