Welcome to Bizzaro World.

Been too busy to attend to the blog. Been away and there seems to be little material right now but be patient. School will open in 3 weeks (can I survive that long with the kid in the house and no grandma).

Noah had a friend over from school yesterday and the one thing I notice with Free school kids. The word boredom never figures into the day. They always seem to find an activity to engage in. They basically stayed involved in their own projects throughout the day.

The other evening, a local mom was asking me about the school. Noah was busy playing with her son, who was quite a bit younger than him. I was explaining to her that Noah was acting as a teacher for her son while they were playing. This was to illustrate the benefit of age mixing, one of the main features governing democratic education.

This is just to point out that we have no real idea as to how children learn and when. As I said in my previous post, to watch a kid move through 4 grade levels in reading over just a few weeks is a marvel to behold.

I know this sounds like a bragging proud dad, but I am constantly amazed as one moves further into trusting the natural process of learning.

I have heard recently that the school system wants to go to a 12 month schedule. This would mean in addition to the tons of homework and test preparation, children would now have no summer. So the idea suggested way to help solve a problem, is by adding more of what is causing our children to shut down in the first place.

I think we need to admit that we live in Bizzaro world. If you do not know who Bizzaro was, here it is. Bizzaro Superman was created as a kind of clone of Superman, but somehow things went bad and he became a bizzare opposite. Everything on Bizzaro world is opposite earth: their planet is square, square tires on cars, they eat dinner in the morning, kids punish their parents etc. It was used as a comedy device for the writers and artists who drew Superman, but who knew it would be a perfect illustration on how decisions get made in the NYC school system as well as our health care system, banking systems, municipal departments, transit systems, environmental policies, etc, get made.

Bizzaro Superman

Bizzaro Superman

I fear that many articles to come can bare the same title as this one. Stay tuned.


One Comment on “Welcome to Bizzaro World.”

  1. Diane Zeines says:

    I’m hoping that maybe after this pendulum swings too far to the right and our children are burnt out and unhappy because they never get any play time, that maybe, just maybe, parents will finally tell the schools to fuck off and give back summer to their children. As long as the parents agree to whatever the school tells them, it will only get worse.

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