The Hoopla Over Obama’s Yet to be Delivered Speech to Schools

Who the f**k is Glenn Beck.

One of the things you should know about me is, that even though I have taken it upon myself to become a blogger and exercise my writing and speaking and storytelling chops, I generally only peruse the news and do not addict myself to knowing every nuance going on in the press. I do not read newspapers nor do I have television to fill me in constantly on current and negative events. I somehow have fallen away from the use of radio as an entertainment media, and the bulk of my news comes from right here on the web. Huffington Post is my main source, but I use the Google news thread and sometimes venture over to the more left leaning sites like CounterPunch or Slate, but I stay fairly naive in regards to news details.

I have not written in a while as I have been hypnotized by summer, and being that school has been out, I have just been dealing with the “work-at-home and having my son around all the time” blues.

Now it is hard for me to understand the hoopla surrounding Obama’s decision to address our children. It seems there is a large segment of the population who have been duped into thinking anything that smacks of SOCIALISM is bad. Of course this is idiocy because as Bill Maher stated recently and publicly “AMERICANS ARE DUMB.” This meaning that the grander portion of folks who make up the population of those within our borders do not know a thing about “socialism.”Of course they encounter it every day when we call a fireman, or a policeman, or go to the post office etc. And schools are a form of socialism, so what is the big deal.

Before I go on, I just want to take Bill Maher’s statement one step further. AMERICANS ARE F**KING DUMB, DUMB DUMB!!!!!

Now that I got that off my chest, I am going to share with you my vision of a better America. An America where corporations do not have a say in your life. They do not have a say on what drugs you take, what your child learns in school, or whether you live or die. I say this because Americans have given over the responsibility for the life they live to large money interests. Yes, WE DID IT. Not them, or the mysterious “they”. I envison a world where WE are responsible for our lives, our spiritual well-being, OUR education. OUR health. WE hold doctors and financial institutions accountable to the PUBLIC interest. WE go out and speak to our neighbors. AND WE take it upon ourselves to find out more about things rather then accepting the media version of it and settling on some mass perception.

And the tussle over our “socialist” president doing his job and addressing his people is being met with a wave of reactive ignorance, just gives me one more bullet to say “I AM SURE GLAD MY SON DOES NOT GO TO PUBLIC SCHOOL”

President Obama may have one of the most difficult assignments any president since Lincoln has faced. Our country is truly divided. And much of the ideology is based on pure fantasy. Mass Illusion is a hard animal to fight, unless you can get the hypnotized masses to realize they are not operating under their own inclinations.

In truth we are all under some kind of illusion. But when something like health care reform is perceived as bad and socialist, then we have a big problem. Because then black is white, war is good and we have become like those poor souls at the end of The Time Machine who march willingly to the cruel and sadistic Moorlocks and give ourselves over to their brutality with no thought as to the value of our children and the future they have to occupy.

It is time to snap out of it. President Obama is maybe one of the first in long time to suggest this to the country. Not everything he says or thinks is correct or in keeping with my own views, but the fact that he wants the nation to engage in its own determination, is a good step to helping the country find what it needs to save itself. That is our only hope right now.


One Comment on “The Hoopla Over Obama’s Yet to be Delivered Speech to Schools”

  1. Diane Zeines says:

    In answer to your first question, Glenn Beck is some right-wing jackass who has his own news commentary show. I also never heard of him until recently when it got publicized that on his show, he said that he feels that Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people [and] the white culture.” People were so outraged over this insane comment that he lost most of his sponsors. However, it didn’t make a dent in his popularity nor did his show get cancelled. He has a book on the bestseller list. It’s sad that anyone even listens to him because he doesn’t seem to ever tell the truth. Obviously, I must be in the minority because people are reading his book and I believe he has a second book out that is also doing well. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that we have some of the dumbest people on the planet living here in the U.S. They believe anything you tell them because they’re too lazy to find out the truth.

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