Obama Speech-The Aftermath

Well so the famous and controversial speech that had not happened yet, well, er… has happened. Gone and went like a breeze. Controversial? Oy Vay.

Let me address the speech first: Innocuous. Basically the Obamas do not have any new ideas on education. But the beauty of this is that I can and do disagree with them, adamantly. And this is no slam against our president. I believe he is a hard worker and truly cares about the nation. On the other hand, I tend to oppose the old “pull yourself up from your bootstraps and achieve!” philosophy. Actually, if you have ever talked to a Republican, that is basically their point of view on most social initiatives.

Now one thing the Obama’s should consider is that in a public education system, ALL THINGS ARE NOT EQUAL. I had to put that in caps for emphasis, but here is my reasoning. School systems throughout the developed world are and have always been based on a tracking system. This basically means that if you show yourself to fit the track, you are in, and the system works to speed you along into the better programs, the better schools, the better universities and ultimately can put you right to work serving the status quo.

BUT, if you do not fall into the track? If you are too active and cannot sit still like most kids, or if you talk a lot in class, or if you draw or occupy yourself with something other than what the teacher wants you to be occupied with, well then, you are pushed over to the scrap heaps of the education system where you are forced to fen for yourself in an atmosphere where you are already considered a failure, where your self esteem will be under assault, and the best hope for you and your kids is the fast road to pumping gas at the local Sunoco station or a better option would be a job working for the city where “the benefits are good”. You will make a really good plumber (actually a very enviable job as we will always need them).

Now I am aware that I am being a bit extreme having been one of those students who was sifted out in hopes of giving good oil changes, but that was not the case. Because of the neglect, I was left to my own devices by both school and parents and it enabled me to become very inquisitive and look for answers in places other than the classroom.

The truth is that the Obama’s view on education is extremely old fashioned and what the hell was all the fuss about. I believe that the fuss is not about Obama’s social ambitions, and certainly not based on his very pedantic views on education. No. I am sorry but the answer is more sinister. I am going to whisper it because I do not want to piss anyone off.

It is because Mr. Obama is black.

Ooh did I offend anyone? Did I offend the self righteous white liberal, or the middle class aspiring black lawyer, or the ex Klu Klux Klan supporting Christian fundamentalist who continuously claims not to be a racist.

The Obama’s are black and they are smart and they are ambitious and there are too many forces in this country who just hate that. And the majority of them do not even know their own in-bred racist tendencies, black and white and Chinese and Indian and Latino etc etc alike.

A big controversy over what amounted to a good old fashioned pep talk to college kids. Basically the message: Get out there and do your part. Innovate. Create. This is the only way to save this hopelessly ignorant country.

Now as a free school parent and one who strongly believes in the democratic ideal in education, where the child determines learning, my belief is that innovation starts much earlier on. Give them the freedom to think, to play, to explore, and rest assured, the innovations you wish for, Barack, will come fast and furious.



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  1. Carolene says:

    Like this.

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