The Day Before

I had no intention of posting today. After my post regarding that pitch perfect monologue by George Carlin, where he ended by saying “The American Dream is a dream, because you need to be asleep to believe it!”. The post that followed was my strongest to date, and I felt spent afterward, as I watched my hit counter go to its highest since I started doing this.

I like writing. It is a form of speaking, and it gives me a berth to say what I need to say what I cannot say in person as it would be overwhelming for some poor soul to have to stand there and let me pour my words over them. It would be like me being a dump truck and they just happen to be standing under me when I unload my cargo.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for Brooklyn Free School. My son has been counting the days with youthful exhilaration. He has been way over excited. This sounds unusual. A child looking forward to going back to school? My oh my. My son actually perceives learning as fun. Where the hell did he get that idea?

You see why I like blogging so much. I can be sarcastic, cynical, optimistic and poignant all in the same paragraph. That is hard to do with deliberate effect in conversation.

In the hopes that the new school year will give me more material, I am promising way more blog material. As I said in my previous post, education is the most important thing in living in this world. It is something that is taking place all the time, but with children, they are highly impressionable, so care must be given, and nothing should be taken for granted.

To close today’s brief post I will leave you with a quote by A.S. Neill who was the founder of the Summerhill School in England and the model for which the Brooklyn Free School is based.

“No one is wise enough or good enough to mold the character of any child. What is wrong with our sick, neurotic world is that we have been molded by an adult generation that has seen two great wars and seems about to launch a third should not be trusted to mold the character of a rat.”

a. s. neill

a. s. neill



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