The First Day Back at BFS

The boys-Noah, Teseo, LasandroIMG_4899

So the day has come. The child’s excitement has been gratified with the inevitable encounter with the ultimate moment. The first day at Brooklyn Free School.

Now unlike other schools, which I cannot speak of other than my memory attending first day of high school or junior high school. What I do remember was the obsession with my new clothes, the excitement of meeting new kids, and the fears I would encounter with new teachers, of which rumors had already circulated.

These kids were bubbling over with happiness.IMG_4907

The teachers were happpy to see the students. The students were happy to see the teachers. This was not a scenario I can ever remember. Happy to see a teacher?  “So Mr. Zeines, are you going to behave yourself this year?” Of course I had no clear answer to that question. I probably nodded to give them the impression I was in agreement and then went off to act as I would have anyhow…like a kid.


It seems to me a childhood should be happy. It should not be burdened with steely eyed stares of false concern aimed at curtailing innocent behavior. The pictures here speak for themselves.


One Comment on “The First Day Back at BFS”

  1. Diane Zeines says:

    I liked the photos. All I hear from my coworkers is how depressed their children are to go back to school. I don’t remember how I felt on the first day, but I do know that I hated school. These kids sure are lucky.

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