BFS 5 year B-Day review.

Oh the rivers of inspiration have run dry. Can I be on fire every day. I am afraid not. So in lieu of being insightful or creative, I will be simply journalistic.

Last Thursday, Oct 15 we celebrated Brooklyn Free School’s 5 year birthday. Now Oct 15 is not the exact date, and no one can actually say on what day the school was born, but it was opened 5 years ago. We are essentially now in our 6th year, but this is semantics.

The room at Vox Pop was full. Hopefully we can get some pictures up later, but right now I have none. Scott Cornwall, a friend of a BFS family came with a unique trio of banjo, conga and voice. Very lively and tight. He was followed by 10 year old Benjamin Schendler-Terry doing a boogie and blues number on keyboard. Ben was joined in a third number by 15 yr old Semeo Doe on guitar, who ended with a jazz duet with his sister.

Next on the stage was Richard Lipner (aka Chapelle) who sang folk songs of his own making. Richard is the parent of a BFS graduate. Last we were led in song by Corrine Goodman, another alumnus parent. She gave a report on her son, Sylvan, who is now in his first year at Ithaca doing a double major in writing.

The surprising bit was that the room was completely full despite what I would term horrendous weather. I live down the street from Vox Pop, and I did not want to leave the house on this cold, wet gruesome night.But I did, because this event was my responsibility.

We did reasonably well on funds, Vox Pop did great on sales and we fulfilled a standing school tradition of having a hootenanny community gathering. And I survived as MC.


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