Musing for a bruising

So my blogging muse has gone dead temporarily. I am typing here to revive it. There are many things constantly happening that would cause me to respond, which is where i do my best work, but somehow that brain function has gone flat today. I am in a writer’s limbo.

The thing is there is always something going on. What it has to do with educating children, or ourselves, is a constant question to face. Big question, but the reason to get up out of bed every morning is also a big question. The fact is. I do it.

The horizon has many projects beckoning me as I struggle to wrap up old ones. The greatest need now is to get involved with activity that can provide income, but that is not the main force that has ever motivated me. Creativity and community benefit have always loomed as larger ideals. I am admittedly an idealist, but I also realize the need for pragmatism. The two together make for some interesting results.

Fast Postcard 1-1

BZ.GuitarOn October 29 I will be performing solo guitar once again at Vox Pop. It is likely that after this, I will take a break from playing guitar publicly so that I can concentrate on getting my stuff laid down for posterity onto a CD or any recording device that does justice to my style of playing.

Also on the agenda is my open studio Nov 7-8 11 am to 4 pm. I will be trying to sell off much of my loose pieces for give away prices as well as marking down some of my older framed pieces. A glass of wine is promised to those who take the trouble to attend. A tour map of the area wide artist studio tour is available at

The Brooklyn Free School will be having an open house on Oct 28. The flyer is posted below.

BFS Open House 2009


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