How to stop unwanted religious e-mail

If you tend to get religious coaxing occasionally by email, or if you are overwhelmed by well meaning relatives and old friends who have just found “Jesus” and want you to jump on board, you can use my format as a response vehicle. This was sent in response to an emial that said “spend 60 seconds with Jesus”

I think it is tiimage0022 1me to spend 60 seconds with Mr Zeines to let you know that all this is just fantasy. None of it has anything to do with reality, and that you have been duped by a corrupt institution know as the Catholic Church. The universe has much bigger things to offer then the nonsense dished out daily by proselytizing and hypnotized followers of religious delusions.

If this does not get you to stop sending us things about Jesus, then I do not know what will. I mean no offense by this, but every time I get one of these, it is an insult to my own feelings and views.

The bible to me is a history book of a corrupt and warring people namely Jews (me) with a sprinkling of some really incredible parables which have been greatly misunderstood and interpreted into the most strange formulations.

I immediately got a response promising that I would not receive another Jesus prompt.


One Comment on “How to stop unwanted religious e-mail”

  1. Diane Zeines says:

    That was very funny. And I’m quite surprised that someone actually read your email and responded to it. I wonder if, while reading it, they laughed or cringed.

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