You have not heard from me for a while because of that dreaded, yes media hyped disease.


It strikes terror into everyone because that is what the media has done to this fearsome virus.

One would think that maybe we should have gotten vaccines, or stocked up on Tamaflu or run to the doctor at the first sign because the flu can mean DEATH!!

It also means increased sales for drug companies who make vaccines and Tamaflu, but no one is talking about that.

Well, I survived. My wife survived and yes my son survived. Although I must say, recovery is long. Even after over coming this illness, the after affects linger on. Flemish cough (where you cough like Bruegal), fatigue, and lack of enthusiasm for anything except watching movies.

Slowly my energy is returning. My son has rebounded phenomenally, but I am laboring toward that point. So writing on this blog has not been the most pressing of desires. As a matter of fact, desire has been escaping me altogether. And it not a Buddhist lack of desire. It is just a lack of anything. I am a void.

But desire is returning. New ideas begin to form. And life goes on.

So you will be hearing from me again. There is good news on the horizon as BFS gets its commitment letter and moves toward closing on the new building. We promise lots of activity in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.


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