Joy to all for the coming New Year

The Zeines Family Photo

In a sense, we are mired in the world of appearances. Everything that crosses our eyes, seems to have an influence on me. A spiritual struggle, would inevitably take me to a place where the world of illusion is just that, nothing more. And THAT I AM THAT I AM. The koan that appeared in the mind of Moses in front of the Burning Bush.

We live with a false sense of what existence means. We are defined by social status, material possessions, ambitions, sexual desires and self esteem issues. How to become truly free, inwardly, is a question that has dogged humanity for eons. And it is this question we most need to ponder. Especially in a time when it is made clear to us on a daily basis that our old illusions and dreams no longer support our pristine self image. Our old somnambulistic mode of living.

The Buddhists suggest that we let these attachments fall away like dust, even before the ultimate demise of the physical body. We have no idea what lies beyond. If a consciousness exists, we need to develop a relationship with it while we still have a physical body. Only by developing something strong within my own self, is it even conceivable that something can last beyond death. And though all this is truly unknown, our quest for it is what gives our lives meaning. Without an inner search, man is exiled to a realm of fantasy and delusion.


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