Wintertime Doldrums

The dark days of February are here. And it seems like the days my son is off from school are endless (school moved, holidays, winter recess, snowstorms). As a parent who works from home, this may seem convenient, unless you find there is competition for your computer.

Somehow when this point in the winter comes, I find myself up against an organic struggle. One where depression cannot win, unless I allow it. This is historical for me and was first recognized in the days I went to art school. School was not the only thing on my mind in those days. Women featured prominent as well. And not having one loomed large in my emotional world. Especially in the dark days of February.

So now I am happily married and I have a great kid who is all smiles and happiness going to school, and who I can’t get to leave the place at the end of the day. Economics are tough, but somehow we are getting through. There are many other concerns, but I have developed the ability to deal with them. This is my secret: I refuse to allow worry to have a place in my world. I have discovered that worry may be one of the lowest forms of emotion. And I have also realized that worry has NEVER EVER solved any problem.

Also, I have not found an occasion to write lately, and have I been lacking the desire or the time to do so. So I am writing about what is most prominent for me. Now.

There is always a positive spin on this. Spring is only 30 days away.

My hope when I began this blog, was to foster some kind of community among those who are interested in the idea of education reform, and what it might require in order to become part of our society. To explore how education is a fundamental influence on our lives. Because we inevitably are the ones who make choices that influence how we live and how what we do influences others. Whether it is creative work or social interaction. Every movement we make in this world is influenced by education.

In a few days, I will be attending a symposium on democratic education. It is being sponsored by Brooklyn Free School and Medgar Evers College this coming Saturday, Feb. 27. Our borough president will be there as well as some of the movers and shakers in the free school movement. And the FreeSchool Apparent will be there too. And I hope that in expressing the tone of my inner struggles, I can free up some time to give you my impressions.

Until then, au revoir.


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