End Run to School year finale

As an involved parent in my son’s school, as well as everything else I do, the spring season brings on a torrent of activity that is hard to keep up with. Rather than waxing philosophical today, I will simply list upcoming events. some have to do with school, others are personal.

This Saturday: Brooklyn Free School has done some spring cleaning and we want to invite you to our sidewalk sale and open house. We will be joined by local merchants and stores in the community as we get to know our neighbors and celebrate our relocation to wonderful Clinton Hill. We’ll be here, rain or shine, at 372 Clinton Avenue on May 8th from 10AM to 4PM with tables of great stuff to buy, snacks to eat, and a chance to see our new home. If you are interested in setting up your own table or in donating anything to sell, please send us an e-mail at davidbeaston@gmail.com

May 11: IDEA (Institute for Democratic Education in America) launch party at the school – 6PM. I have already posted the video on facebook and will include it here as well. I have been waiting to share this as I got to see it earlier this year at a symposium on democratic education.

May 20: Bruce Zeines (The Free School Apparent) takes his guitar out of the case once again to sit all by himself on the stage at Vox Pop to dazzle you while he diddles on the strings. In public. I have a few new things I have written in the last few months and want to share them with my friends.

May 22: The initial installment of a story telling presentation from The Artisans Guild at Orchid House Cafe, 8 pm located 1064 First Avenue at 58th Street, Manhattan. More info as we draw closer to the date.

June 17: Our end of the year party at Vox Pop. All are welcome. We have not determined an entry contribution, but usually it is $10 with music promised. I am waving the one drink with contribution as I am trying also to help out Vox Pop as well as BFS, so please be generous.

There is also graduation at BFS which I may or may not attend depending on the schedule. There is plenty going on with this beautiful weather, which makes it difficult to sit here and be poetic. I can save that for another day.


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