NADEC 2010-After Thoughts are coming

Having had a few days since my return from NADEC, I thought I would drop a word here to acknowledge that:

1. Yes I was there.

2. Yes I talked to lots of people.

3. A good time was had by all. Especially the children.

4. I will tell you all about it in due course. I just need some time to digest.

Given that my return to NYC, was met with the expected heat wave, and that I do not think so well in heat. Also, my brain-tired state at the duration of our conference played a factor in my ability to receive and contain information in my now heat waved sluggish brain and that as soon as I consume enough ginseng and royal jelly, meditate for several hours, and return to a feeling of “centered-ness” can I expound on the concepts exchanged at our gathering. Also, I need time to review my taped sessions, in order to recollect some of the many things discussed.

It was my pleasure to meet many people who feel passionate about this approach to education, and where it can fit in to a larger spectrum. It is my position, that I do not attend these events to get involved in the day to day operations and teaching agendas, but to discuss the advocacy of change in education. How to bridge the gap to the eroding and continued dysfunction of public education.


Ira the Irate comes to mind as one of the more interesting folks I met. I would love to get a sit down with him. An ex-air force, ex drug dealer, ex con turned activist, Ira under represented a needed area of concern in education and policy making in general: the concerns of poor folk in America. The fact that he was drawn in to our conference because he walked by the Albany Free School where the word “FREE” filled him with intrigue on a daily basis. Ira felt frustrated by the overwhelming white makeup of our attendees, but he seemed to find camaraderie in myself and a few others.

This was an opportunity to pass out as many cards as I could. Our attendance was about 57 which is about half of what it was last year. The good part of this is that I got to speak to almost everyone that was there. I did notice that my hit counter went up over the past few days as some of the folks I handed cards out to are checking in while they attend the AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) Conference.

To finish this post, which is lacking in some my philosophical musings, I will say the conference always gets me thinking. I am not sure at this point where I can take what has been impressed on me. Only that it takes time to digest, and community building is a long process. I will leave this with a bit of a slide show from the few pictures I took. Au revoir.

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