It is hot today.

It was hot yesterday. It promises to be hot tomorrow. And I am a conservative when it comes to the use of air conditioning. The wife has been gone 4 days and we are hunkered down to deal with the heat. Noah and I alone, broke and in a hot apartment. Wonderful. It is at moments like this that you begin looking for that spark of inspiration. That cool breeze that will give you relief from the discomfort. But I know that right now it is not coming. So I accept my fate for the day.

Today is an official work day. The weekend holiday has passed. It is hard for me to get too excited at anything because it is so hot. The forecast for today is 100º. It is 8:20 am and already it is 89º. Water. I need water.

I fantasize about a load of cash coming into my life and just taking that as an opportunity to split. Just pack it up and go. Put the guitar on my back, pack some clothes and head for someplace where there is an ocean and a cool breeze. Then I can think again. Then I could see the possibilities.

But this is a fantasy. I am stuck in that old Twilight Zone episode where the earth is hurdling toward the sun. It is played out through a young girl, who is in a stupor. The sun is getting brighter and closer. The end scene is that she is dreaming and that the earth is really falling away from the sun and the planet is getting colder.

Somebody please wake me up!


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