Summer So Far

This exemplifies how I feel this summer.

The muggy air persists here in August. and my desire to post anything here is at the ultimate low point for the year. It is summer. Children and teachers are home from school and hopefully off somewhere where the weather is more comfortable.

The summer has been somewhat busy, at least on the social front. In early July, while my wife was visiting her mom in Jamaica, Noah and I took a few days out in Mattituck with some of his close buddies from BFS. I was happy to be out of the city those days and returned yearning for more. When my wife returned, it was followed by an invitation to spend a week in the Adirondacks. We basically sat on the dock looking out at the lake on a daily basis. Our host was suggesting all kinds of activities, but our core desire was to just sit along the dock of the lake, watching time roll away. My apology to Otis Redding.

All in all it has been very social this summer. Our young friend and fellow student Benjamin played open mike on Sunday and wowed the crowd. Noah heads to camp in the middle of the month, we go away for the most part from Aug 22 to 28, return for a few days and then head to Iceland. So there is a good chance that I will post very little this summer. If I do, I will probably share a link or an article. Until them, stay cool.

Benjamin boogie and blues

Me playing later that evening


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