My Crazy Subconscious

The title of this post is compelling, no? The reason I did it was because I had a dream last night that I want to share. But I am not one to do this often unless it is relevant to my topic. I am not given to pondering the nonsense that pours out of the recesses of my brain. But occasionally some interesting symbolism comes forth that requires contemplation. So I will explain myself. But first the dream. In brief.

Basically had this dream where there were children from the Brooklyn Free School at my home for a giant sleepover. Everyone was there. When I look out the window in the early morning, there is another one of my friends and parent out on my lawn (I do not really have a lawn, but for the dream sake, I do.) I call down to him, but he hushes me and then points behind him. There behind barricades, are police officers with guns drawn, not letting anyone leave the premises.

Upon waking, I knew right away where the associations that created this scenario in my subconscious came from. The other day I posted a video, that has gone viral, on my facebook page. This video made me very angry, and extremely concerned. So as to not be mysterious, here is the video.

What you see are police officers, investigating what they believe is the illegal sale of raw milk, in a food coop. The news report goes into more detail so I will not describe it further.

The other thing I watched last night, while restringing my guitar, was a documentary that covered the civil rights movement, from the point of view of the songs they sang during the protest years. The musical performance (Blind Boys of Alabama, John Legend, Joss Stone, Wyclef Jean, etc) were a bit contrived. But between the music were the actual people who participated in the marches. Telling their view of the story, with actual footage in between. The thing that affected me the most though, was the violence that came back at them in return. Specifically, when the Alabama and Mississippi fire departments turn their fire hoses on children. Yes you heard me, children. They spit on them, they beat them and they killed them. This was done because white folks did not see them as people. People who actually deserved rights. The usual vilification that happens in times of war.

In one part of the film, footage was shown of the restaurant sit-ins. Basically, protesters would go to “whites only” establishments and sit until they got served, which of course did not happen. If the police came and arrested someone, usually by dragging them out of the store, another person would take their place at the counter. One of the local white boys says on film ” Ah didn’t grow up wit no nigros. And I ain’t useta eating wit dem neither. And I ain’t gonna start now.” Then there was a cut to one of the protesters in the present day and he said “those people were just clinically insane. Clinically insane!!” A truer statement if I ever heard one.

Which takes me to how I feel about the posted video. These people are just clinically insane. We have had to put up with sociopathic behavior in our society as if it is normal. We have had to accept it in our politicians, in our police officers and most prominently in our corporations and bank officials. It is crazy to think that somehow we pose a threat to the perceived establishment. Unlike the civil rights marches, we are not getting in the face of authority. We are simply creating a viable alternative to the current system of doing things. We are finding ways to obtain food from growers who are in line with a healthier way of doing business. As a school, we have found a more human approach to dealing with our children. Allowing them to think and be who they are. Something that will be needed very much after the psychopaths are through with our society and have left us broke and in complete ruins.

So all of this stuff just filtered into my restful sleep. Cops with guns drawn on children. The problem is, it is not just a dream. It is a ridiculous probability. Because as I have said in the past, the more sanity that is applied to solving some of our monumental problems, the more voracious the sound coming from the insane portions of our society (Tea Party anyone?)  And those people carry guns. They will do anything to maintain their delusions. But what are we willing to do?

My feeling is like the civil rights marchers, stay the course. They will spit at us. They will write articles to discredit us. They may even send officers to our location to harass us. But despite it all, our society will inevitably change. A new economy is being born right under our feet. It includes alternative energy, alternative transportation like bicycling. It involves communities gathering together to clean up garbage and rescue decaying land sites. It involves becoming part of a local food coop or CSA, or supporting your local farmers markets. It is about neighbors talking to one another.

And most of all, it needs alternative to the current system of education. Children who can grow into this new economy with the ability, and confidence to affect real change. We need the fresh energy of innovation. Some see a future economy at the mercy of China or India. A bleak future of outsourcing and continued pollution on a global level. I see a new paradigm emerging right here in the good old US of A. And it comes from people who read this blog. It will come from those who find the above video outrageous. To the point where we demand action against these authorities who pretend to defend us, when in truth, police forces have always ended up as hired guns for those who usurp and abuse.

So maybe my subconscious is not so crazy after all.


One Comment on “My Crazy Subconscious”

  1. Kate Hammon says:

    I hear you in a major way Bruce. I feel like I’ve had the same dream–both asleep and (more often) while awake. I often think about how far the sociopaths have gotten in the last 10 years–from the top down the culture has been poisoned by the voraciousness of the malignant narcissists. I’m a therapist, a social worker, and I see the fallout in my clients but most closely in myself and my circle of friends and family. Many would say that we are just being paranoid about the possibility of the police/the state/brownshirts bearing down on our school and our children. If only we were overreacting. It’s good to read your posts and to be reminded that I’m not alone in these nightmares! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. –Kate

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