Scary Stories

The current title of this blog was thought up about a week ago. At the time I thought I would be writing about Halloween. I may make mention of that dreaded day, but what is really scary to me is the elections this week. But not for the reasons everyone is panicking about. I believe that though there was some sweeping wins by Republicans, everything will stay the same.

Around 1976 I wrote a short rhyme that was in regards to an oncoming hurricane in New York. The media blitz, and hysteria in regards to the storm was out of proportion to the actual storm. So I wrote this:

And then the rains they came.
And washed everything away
Though the people went insane
Everything remained the same.

Waking up on Wednesday, I had exactly the same sentiment.

Somehow we all want change in the world. But there is a divide in what is affected and what WE actually do about it. The loud cry that is heard from the media about how “disappointed” people are with Obama seems ridiculous. It seems every time we get a hard working president, there are overwhelming forces that want to bring him down. We would prefer a Ronald Reagan who was napping during the Iran-Contra scandal and the deregulating of the banking laws. We were satisfied when George Bush Sr. was always speaking to the press from a golf cart, while Baghdad was being bombed and invaded by our troops. And we were truly content when George Jr., a certified moron, spent most of his day on a treadmill or cleaning out the lint between his toes, while the US Treasury was being ransacked. I guess Americans are not really interested in any bonafide legislation that might help us to cope with our daily existence. We enjoy getting fucked in our ass, by what George Carlin described as “that big red, white and blue dick.” While Obama has been working to enact policy, Sarah Palin has been getting her hair done. We may not like everything the President does, but I am grateful to have one who actually does a real days work.

It was said that the Republicans have been making a mess for a very long time, and that people are angry at Obama for not cleaning it up fast enough.

I wish I could get more passionate here, but it is not in me. I have long lost any hope that my elected officals will ever do anything truly satisfying. The concept of a “public servant” is only that, a concept.

My feeling is that if people want some kind of change, I will suggest the following exercise. First, take a walk over to any mirror in your home. Take a good, long glance. After you have fixed up your hair and checked out you complexion for any unsightly marks, you may want to gaze into your own eyes. Look deeply. Look at yourself as if you were someone you had never met. If you get past this first stage of our experiment, you may want to try going out on your street and looking at your neighbors in the very same way. Talk to them. You may find that many share your ideas for the ordinary things you need in your life. Good health, good schools, businesses that supply you with what you need. Clean air, and the ability to live safely and make a living wage. This exercise needs to be tried repeatedly. Until you and your neighbors no longer feel shy of each other.

Then if you find that your public representatives are not doing what you think needs to be done, you can try several things. One may involve abducting said politicians and holding their feet to the fire until they comply. Or if your are really crazy, you may want to go on a shooting spree at Washington’s favorite lobbyist hangout. Or for the more sane, you can try to get together and form the kind of community you envision. This is the hardest road though, because it involves work.

As for Halloween, the only thing I can say is that I am really tired of seeing adults dressed up in silly costumes. It is bad enough to have to deal with children who obsess from November 1st until the days before Halloween as to what they are going to be. But to see grown men dressed up in Peter Pan costumes with green tights, is just ridiculous. This year there were grown folks with bags who were collecting candy along with the kids. If people think candy is food, then what can you expect from our electorate? The same idiots running around in Tarzan outfits on Halloween, go to the voting polls (or don’t) a few days later. How about the slew of young adults who drank themselves into a retching stupor the evening before (I was on the subway early Sunday morning.)

Next year, I am going to leave the country a day before Halloween and not return until after Christmas. Then I can avoid ALL the stupid American holidays. I’ll celebrate Thanksgiving in Ecuador, and watch the next Junta rise to power. And while I am watching this parade of humanity do it’s crazy dance, I will struggle to understand myself, and hopefully can pass this natural desire onto my son. The world needs introspection. We are on the verge of big changes. And it will likely come from a direction that the greater population is not looking in.


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