NY Times Article on Race to Nowhere

The NY Times has posted an article on Race To Nowhere. The link is here.

My comment is below.

I saw the film last week at Brooklyn College. Although I am in much agreement with its citing of the problems, the solution was never addressed. This notion that grading and evaluating is useful is an old song, and needs to be done away with. You should look at some of the observations of Daniel Pink or Sir Ken Robinson, among other who see all this academic incentive as way off course, and proven destructive to creativity and ingenuity. We are wasting, and destroying our most precious resource: our children.

My wife and I are founding parents of a free school in Brooklyn, and much of what I have observed over the last 7 years would baffle and amaze most of you who have signed onto this antiquated and questionable approach to education. Children learn when they are interested. And it is through their interests that they find the things that broaden their view of the world and themselves. As the film pointed out so clearly, we are in a race to fit into a materialistic, consumerist nightmare that has proven itself to be empty and devoid of meaning. We are not only killing our children’s interest in learning, we are also destroying their spirit. The very thing that keeps us questioning why we are alive and what our purpose in this upside down world really is.


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