Donut Addiction

I was working on recovering some old ads that were done in the 90’s for a small advertising office. The project was for the psychiatric wing of Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Somehow the file I picked up had the wrong copy. In place of the right copy was some place holder I had written. At times I would use this as an opportunity to write humor. I was not officially a writer, so I tried to show off.

The ad was targeted at families who had children with mental disorders. Somehow I had invented a new disorder called “donut addiction.” This was caught yesterday as I had tried to recover some these old ads for a presentation we are working on. My client caught the error and called me up. Through his laughter, he tried to explain to me that I had printed out the wrong version.

I had totally forgotten about this, but after reading it, it seemed like a good idea to share it.

The headline was: “Of all the tyrannies on human kind, the worst is that which persecutes the mind.” —Dryden

Imagine a world where there are no donuts.
A world without cream filled, glazed or jelly.
For someone with donut addiction, that world can be a terrible reality.
Donut addiction often begins in late adolescence or early adulthood. It may first show itself as a desire to join the police force, too much late afternoon television and a general growth in your mid-section.
At Hillside Hospital, we want you to know that there is hope and plenty of donuts. With programs that include coffee with donuts, breakthrough sprinkles and other toppings, individual donut-therapy, jelly-filled rehabilitation, and support coffee groups, more and more people with donut addiction are able to lead happier and sweeter lives.
There is help for donut addiction. You’ll find it at Hillside/Duncan Donuts. To find out more about the help that is available for people with donut addiction, call: Hillside Hospital.

I want to see the comments. Au revoir.


2 Comments on “Donut Addiction”

  1. Diane Zeines says:

    I need that individual donut therapy.

  2. Kate Hammon says:

    I’m licensed in the treatment of Donut Dependence Disorders (DDD) and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty.

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