Study Shows 95% of Drug Company Execs Exhibit Socio-Pathic Behavior.

My headline is just a farce. But the re-posted article below would seem to be also. I am not an advocate for weed smoking. I gave it up many, many years ago. But I am not against those who wish to partake of the cannabis. And it seems that a study like this would have to emanate from one source: Pharmaceutical Companies.

You can read the nonsense yourself. Every finding can be challenged, which makes this study extremely unscientific.

Cannabis use ‘doubles risk of psychosis for teenagers’
By Jenny Hope

  • Those who started smoking the drug at college were 90 per cent more likely to have psychotic symptoms in their mid-20s
  • Some users suffered psychotic symptoms including hallucinations,  delusions and disordered thoughts

Young people who use cannabis are doubling their risk of developing psychotic symptoms, experts warn (posed by model)

Young people who use cannabis are doubling their risk of developing psychotic symptoms, experts warn.

And mental health problems persist among those who continue using it compared with those who stop, according to research by an international team of scientists.

Their study adds to mounting evidence that smoking cannabis can trigger psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia in vulnerable youngsters.

It appears to demolish counter-arguments that cannabis does not cause symptoms of mental illness, or that some turn to the drug as a form of self-medication to deal with them.

The research also shows a link with psychosis at a very early stage of use among young people who previously never experienced such symptoms. They include paranoid ideas, hallucinations, hearing voices or bizarre behaviour.

The study, by a team from Germany, the Netherlands and the Institute of Psychiatry in London, focused on more than 1,900 volunteers aged 14 to 24 living in Germany. It followed up with the group after three years and eight years.

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Rather than wax on with my own views, I want to share some of the comments.

You don’t see a bunch of stoners out at 2am causing havoc and violence like you do club and pub go-ers do you? No, cos they’re inside, watching TV and eating cookies. Maybe some perspective is needed here on what drug really is the most damaging? ER-HUM, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol. Oh but these are legal so it’s ok?


“A team of international researchers followed the lives of almost 2,000 young Germans, who began with no history of psychosis, for more than a decade.”. Wrong. No adjustment was made for a family history of psychosis. Poor journalism from a poor journalist. Please check your facts before wasting my time with this drivel.

And Another

Cannabis is a psychoactive substance. It should be treated with respect and certainly not used by children. However, all these studies about psychosis are treated sensationally by the media. The fact is that cannabis is extremely unlikely to cause anyone any harm and this latest study confirms that. There is no evidence that cannabis causes psychosis although it is clearly a risk factor. All the more reason why it is urgent that we introduce a regulated system of production and supply. Six million people use cannabis regularly and the current system of prohibition creates far more harm than cannabis ever has and fails to protect children or the vulnerable at all.

The sensationalist treatment of this story completely overlooks the relative harmfulness of cannabis which, in fact, is 100 times safer than alcohol and 1000 times less toxic. The continuing prohibition of cannabis is undemocratic, unjust and immensely damaging to our society. A tax and regulate system would reduce harms, enable the police to concentrate on real crime and provide a boost to the UK economy of £6 billion per annum.

OF course some of the opposing responses were quite vitriolic. Having myself passed through a tumultuous period of drug use when I was a teen gives me a bit of insight. It seems to me that when you live in a culture which has unrealistic, and blanket expectations of all people in it, with no empathy for who each person is or where their particular talents fit in, you would have those who feel alienated, turn to some kind of experience that would enhance their sense of alienation by finding others who share their feelings. For me, weed was what bound me to the friends of my community who accepted my unique qualities. It enhanced my emerging imagination. There was no refuge in school or family. So this is what was available to me. When I reached the age of 18, I began to feel that I needed to take my quest to another level. One that did not include getting high. It was at this point I began to clean up. I do not regret those times.

It is this sense of “not belonging” that gives me concern. Everything about how teens or children are viewed in this society has to do with them not fitting the mold of what contemporary culture is asking for. We are watching our civilisation go through a period of decay, because the unrealistic expectations it levies on humans is unnatural. We are ruled by sociopaths who are addicted to money and power. A drug addict keeps using the drug, even if he sees that the effects are negative. If you transfer this understanding to corporations, whose actions have had global and morbid consequences, then how can we single out teenage pot smokers? Most teens go through this phase and then move on. If weed produces psychosis, then we need to take a look at that particular individual, and find out what his environment is like. To make blanket statements about teenagers getting high is ridiculous.

It was reported in the film The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, why hemp and marijuana are illegal. The potential medicinal properties of cannabis have been found useful in some 200 different ailments. Pain relief being a major one. If it were legal, it would cost a few cents on the dollar. Drug companies have a vested interest in keeping off the legal market.

The other issue that is predominant is the illegalisation of hemp, ganga’s non-psychotropic cousin. Hemp is a highly sustainable, and very inexpensive crop to grow. It can be used to create food products, oils, clothing, paper and fuel to name a few. The industries that control these markets do not want a cheap substitute competing with their product.

If we know something is bad, and yet we keep doing it, wouldn’t you say we were sick? And yet this is the behavior of corporate America. Psychotic, sociopathic, abusive and criminal behavior. Our country has not been raped and robbed by marijuana smokers. It has been plundered by greedy men who consider themselves more entitled to manage our affairs. It has been overrun by evil and ignorant sons-of-bitches who would rather see our planet burn to a cinder than to share the wealth and resources with their fellow human. They are devoid of a sense of community. There is not a drop of love in the likes of the Koch Brothers or the Bush family. Heck, in their minds, the only fellow human is another bastard like themselves. And yet we are forced to imagine that we should aspire to such greatness.

Worship not these false idols. And don’t bogart that joint my friend. Pass it over to me.


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