Brooklyn Free School Job Announcement

March 18, 2011

Brooklyn Free School is now accepting applications for an Advisor for the 2011-2012 school year. We seek applicants who have experience working with youth 5 to 18 years of age. The school is located in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Advisors receive an annual salary of approximately $39,000 and health insurance. This position is scheduled to begin Tuesday, September 6, 2011. Advisors receive time off for all school holidays and breaks and during the summer months.

To Apply:
Submit a cover letter, current resume, three references, and any additional information you think we should consider in evaluating you as a candidate. Strong applications will succinctly address the following questions:
a. What makes you a strong candidate for the position?
b. What assets/skills do you possess that you can bring to this position?
c. What age range of students are you most drawn to teaching and advising? Please explain.
d. What support would you need to excel in the position? Please be specific.

All materials and inquiries need to be submitted electronically as an attachment or in the body of an email to:

The deadline to receive full consideration is Monday April 4th, 2011.

All candidates will be informed if they were selected for a first-round interview on a rolling basis through April 30th, with an anticipated hiring decision made by June 4th.

Brooklyn Free School is an equal opportunity employer.

Brooklyn Free School Teacher/Advisor Job Description

Work as Advisor
• Hold/Host weekly advisory meetings
• Serve as primary contact for students who share your advisory
• Mentor students on a weekly/as-needed basis built on genuine relationship, trust, and a desire to support and challenge students in following their interests and getting their needs met.
• Hold regular one on one meetings with students in advisory
• Participate with students in their interests
• Listen. Advocate. Be present.

Broader Work with Students
• Create a welcoming environment for students
• Work collaboratively and cooperatively with students
• Help identify and assist in resolving interpersonal conflicts, modeling and teaching conflict resolution skills.
• Demonstrate courage in providing appropriate boundaries, trust, and support to people of all ages within a non-coercive learning environment teacher
• Create curriculum and teach classes, guided by student interest and need, which develop student competence and support student agency
• Serve as a broker, advocate, facilitator, and teacher with, and for, students within their developmental needs and towards assisting them to meet their own educational goals
• Locate resources for subjects of student interest (i.e. languages, philosophy, woodworking, cooking, internships in fields of student interest, etc.)

Work with Parents
• Work collaboratively and cooperatively with parents
• Offer family conferences twice a year to advisory caregivers, preparing a narrative report about the child in advance of the conference, and be available for other meetings as necessary
• Communicate with advisory caregivers to help increase connection and
understanding of how the school operates, answer questions, and share vital information

Work with Other Staff Members
• Work collaboratively and cooperatively with staff
• Attend weekly staff meetings (one morning and one afternoon/week)
• Plan weekly schedule collaboratively

Work with School as a Whole
• Act in accordance and support of the mission, core principles, bylaws, and other resolutions as adopted by Brooklyn Free School
• Show a willingness to hear and give feedback about performance & operations of the school
• Create and support lunch and clean-up routines and community ownership of school space and materials
• Lead with at least one special project area (admissions, space use, literacy, math, science, etc).

Desirable Personal Attributes
• Show flexibility and creativity
• Initiate your own learning and problem-solving
• Prioritize multiple competing tasks
• Follow-through on commitments; see tasks to completion
• Utilize effective nonverbal, verbal, and written communication skills
• On time for daily responsibilities and meetings

©2011 Brooklyn Free School | 372 Clinton Avenue | Brooklyn, NY | 11238 | (718) 499-2707 |


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