Love for Dr. Michio Kaku

For the past several years I have been fascinated by the theories put out by Dr. Michio Kaku. That he does it with such a concise way of speaking and an attractive presentation on ideas that have interested me since childhood, intrigues me to this day. He has become extremely popular by giving scientific validity to things that have been illustrated in popular culture such as Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001 Space Odyssey, etc. I have read several books about the science behind transportation, space travel, time travel as these seem to be the ongoing things that intrigue us. My son has gone through several phases of questioning whether time travel is possible, or the physics behind some of the theories that would make interstellar travel a reality.

One of Kaku’s most consistent theories is that of the “Type” civilizations. It is laid out in the following videos which cover what a potential alien encounter could consist of from a scientific point of view and the other his view on God. If you pass on viewing, here is a brief outline of his main idea: Humankind has the possibility to evolve in a certain line of development. This line is governed on how we utilize energy. A “Type 0” which is us, utilizes the energy of the planet. This includes dead plants and dinosaurs (fossil fuels, coal, gas.) A “Type 1” civilization begins to work in unity as a planet. He sites currently emerging examples such as the internet (a global phone system), as well as other examples which I will respond to later. A “Type 2” society would begin to use the energy of its star and a “Type 3” would be working with galactic energy. If you want a more thorough explanation, you can watch his videos on Big Think which go into many of his thoughts on Einstein, God, Star trek and the universe.

In his explaining some of the transitional models he sees as Type 1, which would represent a planet moving ahead with a collective agenda, he gives models. He calls the European Union an example of a Type 1 economy. My view is maybe. A better example of a potential Type 1 economy is explained by the Zeitgeist movement and the theories of Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project. They describe a world without money and how it can function. This model is called a “Resource Based ” economy and for me, would truly represent a better model for a Type 1 economy. One that serves all people and does not impact upon the energy resources of the planet. It begins to use the natural order as a means to sustain society. Some would say that this is an unrealistic model given our current climate, but truthfully, it has been given a great deal of thought as to how it can work and why. As we watch the value of the dollar drop to less than zero, it is something to be given consideration.

Another topic that was not mentioned was what a Type 1 education system would look like. I would argue, as this blog always does, that the Democratic Free School model is just that. What we have presently in the world is a Type 0 model. A variety of cultures whose education serves individualist and nationalistic views. In America, our education tends to be egocentric as to how we see history. In Europe, the viewpoint shifts. If you are the Taliban, or the Chinese, the view shifts again to serve the self view of each nation. None of these are serving a global picture. In contrast, a democratic setting is where children are encouraged to pursue their own interests, with ultimate respect and empathy for those they share the school with. This translates into care for the community, and ultimately the planet.

This was my only bone of contention in the Zeitgeist Films. After expounding a grand vision for a sweeping change to how we view our social existence by eliminating money, useless work and uninspired daily living in exchange for mutual support, communal living and balanced equity, we are shown a sweep of images on our possible future. Many of these images have the ring of a Star Trek like utopia. But one of the images depicted a classroom, with a professor standing at the center, expounding his thoughts to the students. The model of the classroom, or amphitheater as being a venue for learning is a hold-over from outdated scenarios. If they are going to theoretically tear down the symbols of the past, then this one needs to go with them.

Recently I had to walk through the halls of a local college, where I was treated to the tired image of teachers standing at the front of a class pointing up at a blackboard. It is incredibly uninspiring. This model relies on communicating uninteresting facts, and hoping that the recipients will digest and retain the information. But as many critics are pointing out, because of the internet, information is becoming very, very cheap. A net value of zero. If you are savvy, you can learn most anything you want from the internet. You can get recipes to bake a cake, you can identify the nasty rash on your arm or you can learn some new trick in Photoshop. It is not 100% reliable, but most questions get answered. You can order printing, publish a book or get a new pair of shoes delivered tomorrow. The variety of usability seems endless on the internet.

But though I have some difference in my opinion, I tend to support some of these startling views put forth by these scientists. I would concur that science may be the new religion. When I began to read books on physics, a subject I could not wrap my brain around back in High School, there is a picture of the universe that is put forth, that is so vast, it dwarfs anything a religious zealot can convince me of. It does not negate my belief that there is a greater force that I am a small part of. But to say that we know that “God” is looking after us, or any other religious nonsense that promises heaven if we only believe, is small minded in the face of such a huge and unknown model of the universe. Mega Theory takes that picture to even more infinite realms when it tells us that as a universe, we are not the only one.

As spiritual seeker and practitioner, I have always been interested in cosmic theory as it relates to human spirituality. We are told that as human beings, we are a mini representation of the universe. The interaction of forces in me, is a doorway to a vast world of vibration, which connects me to a much greater whole. Our work as humanity is to work toward making that connection more fluid. That its’ evolving manifestation in us will turn us closer to becoming empathetic and compassionate toward our entire community. Toward other creatures and toward our planet. It seems to me that a Type 1 civilization would need to incorporate this view. And though not everyone would be engaged in this venture, it would be supported as a necessary component of a humanitarian society. Unfortunately, I feel that humankind is many eons away from this becoming a reality. But Michio Kaku feels that we are alive at a very interesting time. We are witnessing the birth of some of the systems that will support a global movement. Hopefully, these pundits will see that a change in the way we see education, is a fundamental component in this grand scheme.


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