Existence with a Question

My creativity these days is not directed toward the expression of words. I am not feeling poetic nor verbose. The last few months have been dedicated to working on the fundraising campaigns for the school, drawing cartoon doodles incessantly with the intent to finish Book 1 of my new experiment, and just struggling through this Great Depression.

I do not feel any urge this morning to share any great thoughts. The only thing that stands out right now is the cool breeze blowing through the back bedroom window, and the mockingbird who has been entertaining me with song all morning. I have an innate inability to sleep late, though I feel for a nap already and it is 9 am. It is Memorial Day weekend here in the states and that is the unofficial start of summer. For me and my wife, we feel we are at a new beginning. We have no idea what that means, other then it is a feeling. An urge. An impulse to envision where we we want to venture next. Both internally and externally. Together.

The larger world just seems to be going crazy. It is a humbling realization to have when you feel the madness of the flow of humanity, yet I have begun to accept that I cannot affect it. At least not in a way that is predetermined. It is an acceptance to open to an unknown. I cannot see what it is, but there is an understanding that I need to stand ready. Ready to respond.

I can leave off the esoteric musings for the moment though, and just sit here and relish in the breeze of the morning. I love spring. I like that it gets hot in the day and cool in the evening. It seems that is what life should consist of. It strikes me as a kind of perfection. Nature’s common sense. The sweaty days and sweaty nights are ahead, but right now, I feel balanced. I am not even sure I have earned this, but here it is.

That is my prose for the day. Nothing fancy. Just existence with a question.


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