A Penis Between Us

This morning while I was trying to get out of the house to get my son to school, a scrap of discarded paper caught my wife’s eye. It was hanging out next to the couch and seemed innocent enough. It was some printout from something we had worked on recently. My wife picked it up and flipped it over to the back and said “what is this?” What we saw was a very elaborate drawing of balls and penises. There was one image of a man with his penis all swirly and growing in loop-de-loops and surround by other penis shafts and ball sacks with hair details.

“Hmm…very creative” I said.

We called my son over and he just laughed. It seems that he and a friend were sitting around drawing the other day. “Isn’t it hilarious?” he said.

“Well, it is inventive.”

Two hours later, my wife, who was taking a late morning shower, called me over to the bathroom. “look at this” she said pointing to the mirror.

In the steam on the mirror was a clear drawing of a penis taking up a good portion of the surface.

So why do boys draw penises? Is it about an awakening sexuality and how they express their feelings?

I will share a fantasy I used to have when I was a boy about my son’s current age (11). I would lie in bed at night, and imagine that my penis was growing. It would get longer and longer, and eventually it would find its’ way out the window. Then it would visit all the girls I thought were cute and visit them in their beds. The fantasy would end with all these girls taking a ride on my serpent like penis.

There is nothing unusual about this, but I think in an ordinary school setting, a youngster would get in trouble for exhibiting this inhibition. In fact, the trouble comes when the boys draw these things, and then show them to the girls for a laugh. There was a recent meeting called on a few boys for doing this. They thought it would be funny to post the drawings in an area where the girls hang out. A meeting was called and it was hashed out. There is a gray line between the need for free expression, and harassment.

I am also reminded of a series of Native American folk tales I have read. They involved Coyote who was always going around making sexual mischief. In one story, Coyote espies a few ducks (young squaws) sitting on the opposite bank of a river. Coyote makes his penis grow long. It digs into the earth and travels beneath the river, coming up through the ground on the other bank and impregnating the ducks. Here is another:

One day while Coyote Dick was sleeping, his penis got really bored and decided to leave Coyote and have an adventure on its own. So the penis disattached
itself from Coyote Dick and ran down the road. Actually, it hopped down the road, having just one leg and all.

So it hopped and it hopped, and it was having a good time and it hopped off the road and into the woods, where – Oh no! – it hopped into a grove of stinging
nettles. “Ouch!” it cried. “Ow, ow, ow!” it screeched. “Help! Help!”

The sound of all this crying woke Coyote Dick, and when he reached down to start his heart with the accustomed crank, it was gone! Coyote Dick ran down
the road holding himself between the legs, and finally came upon his penis in the worst trouble you can imagine. Gently, Coyote Dick lifted his adventurous
penis out of the nettles, patted him, and soothed him down, and put him back where he belonged.

The moral is that those nettles, even once Coyote Dick got out of them, made his cock itch like crazy forever after. And that’s why men are always sliding
up to women, and wanting to rub up against them with that “I’m so itchy’ look in their eyes. You know, the universal cock has been itching ever since that
first time it ever ran away. (Story heard from a Navaho, who heard it from a Mexican, who heard it from a Hopi)

Drawing from Superbad by David Goldberg

In the movie Superbad, one of the main characters talks about his childhood obsession with drawing penises in his notebooks. The film depicts the drawings by David Goldberg as very elaborate and very creative. A book published on just these drawings alone.

In my meager research, I found one blogging mom relating her experiences with her sons. It can be found here at Mom of Wild Ones.

So I have this idea. I go into school occasionally and have impromptu exchanges about art, politics and materials. There have been special gatherings for girls titled “Girl Talk” which has been documented on this blog. I thought, “why not a penis drawing workshop for boys only.” It would give them a chance to express themselves and not feel ashamed of finding humor in the male organ.

I imagine that this might be the most popular class I ever give. And probably the funniest.


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