Journey to School

Noah woke up cranky today. He went to bed cranky. It is likely the aftermath of being at the beach yesterday. I was exhausted, but I have the good sense to go to bed at a reasonable time. In addition, I decided to bring my camera along today and document our usual journey to school.

As the day started off, Noah avoided the camera. I figured he must be hungry, given the fact that most days his mood is good. I bribed him with the promise of a bagel at the end of the bus line. Here we are leaving the house as he avoids the paparazzi.


These posters are what we see every day. They change weekly. I rank them in the “they are so bad, they’re good department.” They advertise the latin band circuit. The font and color choices are all over the place, and the layouts are chaotic. But they intrigue me and I always take a few moments to check them out and discuss design with Noah. We talk about font use. These posters use more fonts then a spec sheet can handle. They also employ fonts designed by a madman in a Prague basement. When I catch the guys who post them, I ask for a few posters. I have this idea of putting them in really nice frames and reselling them. They are not in the realm of good design, but in 30 years they will be the bomb.

This is the moment we await every morning. The arrival of the B68 bus. Some days it is delayed and then 4 of them show up. Other days, we get there just as the bus is arriving. Today was a normal wait time of about 7 minutes.

After buying his bagel, his posture changed. The hope of impending food. We head into the subway to catch the G train.

The payoff. His mood changed in about 2 minutes after the first bite of cream cheese on poppy seed bagel. I refrain from this indulgence because there is already enough flab around my waistline.

A quick glance at the sad denizens of our fair city awaiting their fate.

A fed child is a happy child. He is now ready for the final leg of the journey. The short walk down the street to school after we exit the subway at Clinton-Washington.

Happily he enters the school.

Noah starts his day by playing with our resident infant, Luna. Her mom is the RUC (Rampaging Underaged Children) Adviser.

Our school season ends this week, so I wanted to get this in before the end. It is something I have always wanted to try.


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