IDEA Seeks Digital Organizers

Apply to be an IDEA Digital Organizer

 The deadline to apply for the 2011-2012 year is July 15, 2012.

Download the IDEA Call for 2011-2012 Digital Organizers (205k .PDF)

IDEA is actively requesting proposals from individuals who are savvy in new media and/or digital storytelling to build IDEA’s online network and share IDEA’s on-the-ground efforts for meaningful change in education.

We will be selecting a total of 6 people to be IDEA digital organizers for 2011-2012. If you’re passionate about using blogging and other writing, social media, film, and photography for transformation in education, we encourage you to apply.

Why Digital Organizing?

There are thousands of organizations, activists, teachers, youth, principals, and policy makers working on educational reform that gives youth more power and moves us closer to a more just and democratic society.

However, too much of that work happens in silos with folks competing rather than collaborating. Online, there are countless blogs and Facebook pages devoted to innovation in education, but many lack connection with each other that could lead to powerful synergy. IDEA seeks to fuel the small fires that already exist to generate a larger, more credible, and more potent capacity to make real, substantial change.

Being an IDEA organizer can bring extra money, support, strategies, and tools to you and/or your organization. Join our team!

Want to put a face to IDEA organizing? Meet our 2010-2011 Organizers.


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