Dog Day Dreaming During Dreary Doldrums

The humidity has been oppressive. It makes the whole world seem oppressive. My arms have been to heavy to lift from the keyboard. My fingers have become like lead. That is my excuse for not posting in a while.

Of course, also, it is summer. I am a Leo and it is said that the lions come out on the banks of the Nile to lounge away in the hot weather. Who the hell wants to work?

My summer objective of reading ALL the Harry Potter books has been met. It took about a month, and I can safely say now that I understand the entire back story behind the films. I look forward to seeing the release of he film next week. Pure entertainment. My wife told me as I was entering book II that I would not be able to do anything else until I finished all the books. This was true. No drawing, little writing, little guitar playing, attending to current assignements, but I found myself sitting and reading those books whenever the opportunity was there. Morning, noon, or night.

I have no serious thought to share to today. But I will say that the heavy humid air has lifted. My skin was met with a cool breeze this morning, and I grabbed a few extra hours of sleep. There was a feeling of actually wanting to do something, which has not appeared in days.

As this blog is the musings of a free school parent, I can also report on what my son has been doing. He is attending the Pratt Summer Design program. It is his first experience in a standard classroom atmosphere and he seems to be loving it. Of course there is the little fact that it is something he is truly interested in. He is learning about color, shape, texture, patterns, logos, fonts. The Design Basics will allow him to move on to either Toy or Product design in the fall. It is also great to hang out on the Pratt campus. Being that the class is only 2 hours, I get to spend my time either drawing or doing design research in the school library, where I should mention IT IS AIR CONDITIONED.

My head is not up for much writing now. It is still in a state of inertia as a result of the past few days weather. Hopefully I can shake that off and write something meaningful again. Until then, au revoire.


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