Dog Day Afterthoughts

Scrolling through a list of local blogs this morning, there are two subjects that seem to dominate the local blogging world: heat and death. The heat of course is obvious. The death of a local boy in the most gruesome of manners, has dug deeper down into our sense of being. It is too horrible to think about, and I have no intention on dwelling on it here.

It does affect us though. My son has been at Pratt Summer Design and has expressed no wish to come and go on his own. He came home on his own all of last school year and his school is located at the same subway stop as Pratt. So we all fall into step with these negative influences that abound all around us.

The heat is a great creative inhibitor. I continue to draw daily, but it is an effort. Most of what I do is sweat. Sweating is good. Two to three showers a day means I am clean. And the weather also influences my appetite so as I am reducing my gluten and carb intake, I am also developing the habit of eating less. All good. Heat waves have their natural place.

I do hate air conditioning. But it is hard to get ANY work done without it. I just have to suck it up these next few days and expect a higher ConEd bill later this summer. Fortunately, I have actual paying work, so I am not complaining. Blogging has been an evasive effort. There is no real subject to write about. I have not been privy to any education news. Very little activity involving the free school.

Summer is a time for reprieve. As I said on Facebook in response to someone’s post: Summer is a good time for reflection. A time to gain measure and perspective. It is here that I will end because I still have measuring and reflecting on my perspective to do. Once I have gained some, I can write with fervor. Until then, enjoy the heat. We will soon be complaining about the cold again.


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