Just Sitting Here With No Intent

At this moment, I am writing for one of those rare occasions, off site. I am sitting in the Pratt library. Likely the last time this summer as the Summer Design program ends today. The challenge will be how to keep my son occupied over the next two weeks until he leaves for camp up in the Berkshires.

I have no real reason to write this morning other than I find myself in a remote location. When I sat down on this computer, I was just looking at some information on a proposal I submitted earlier this summer. If anything happens with that, this will be the first place I will let everyone know. Until then, I am keeping it hush.

Other than that, I sit here in complete silence, with a blank line running through my head. The Pratt library is what libraries should be like. Our local library on Cortelyou Road is a noisy habitat. It seems to be part daycare center, part refuge for the lost souls of our fair city. It may also be listed as a cooling center for those trying to escape the heat.

My reccomendation for the heat is, short of an air conditioner, lots of showers and watermelon. A good fan helps as well, especially after the shower.

I am going to miss hanging out here. During these past 3 weeks, I was able to get a fair amount of drawing done. I would find a secluded spot in one of the library rooms. Take out my pad, and sit for the better part of two hours. One of the best pieces I did all year was started right here.

I am surprised the school gives such easy access to the public. After all, I am not a student nor a teacher here. My son is here to pursue his main interest of art and design. He has been given a great opportunity to begin to see that what he loves to do, has so many possibilities.

That is the extent of my report. The summer will be full of these little posts. No contemplations for now. No ruminations. No rants. It is quiet now. Should I then, expect a storm very soon?


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