Keep Walmart Out of Brooklyn

I just signed this petition after watching the video which I am reposting. I used the format letter they had with some modifications

Dear Mr. Ross:

I recently watched a video with stories from East New Yorkers who don’t want Walmart bringing its community-threatening business practices to their neighborhood.
Like the East New Yorkers in the video, I value the relationships I have with small business owners in my neighborhood and don’t want you opening the floodgates for Walmart to threaten them.

Communities need to evolve through a natural and communal process. By placing stores like Walmart into our communities, you are destroying this natural process. If you are paying lip service to wanting better opportunity in poor neighborhoods, then you need to follow through by supporting what those people feel is needed for their community. All people need to be empowered to take back our economy. This excludes corporate giants like Walmart who force out smallr businesses in our city.


I hope you will treat New Yorkers with the respect they deserve by listening to their concerns and agreeing to call off any negotiations with Walmart in New York City.

Bruce Zeines


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