AERO’s Matching Fund Campaign

Dear Friends & Supporters:
The concept that children are natural learners is centuries old—Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote about it in the 1700s in Emile—yet it is still not a mainstream understanding. This causes millions of children to suffer in a system that assumes that they need to be forced to learn.

During the last half century, several organizations have fought the oppression of the mainstream coercive establishment; the New Schools Exchange Newsletter, the Network of Progressive Schools, and John Holt’s Growing Without Schooling dedicated themselves to making learner-centered education available to children. Although they are gone, and others are greatly diminished, AERO continues the fight to empower students, treat them with dignity, and support learner-centered approaches.

In all of our 22 years, we have been a shoestring operation, somewhat self-supported, with additional support from grants and individual donations. Despite this, we’ve been able to not only survive, but to empower individuals and schools, to help people make connections, to find encouragement and support in their work for compassionate, humane education. Our website is now the #1 website for alternative education with 500,000 visitors every year. In recent years we have helped people start many dozens of new educational alternatives. The annual AERO conference is continuing to grow and inspire with over four hundred attending this year’s event in Portland, Oregon. Yet, our mission to bring about the Education Revolution to students everywhere is still unrealized, and as NCLB and standardized testing sweeps the country, we know it is time to escalate our activities.

Unfortunately, we have lost two of our main funding foundations. We understand that our current economy is difficult and has affected our funding, but take this as a challenge and opportunity to build the kind of support we need to truly bring about the Education Revolution.

We have donors who will match contributions at a rate of 1 to 2 for whatever we receive. To all individuals who believe in our work, we ask you to dig deep, so we may continue to support people in seeking and finding new options to compulsory education. To all learner-centered schools, some of which we have helped to start, we ask that you fundraise for us, so more schools can be created. To everyone in our vast and vibrant community, we need your help now, so that rather than becoming a footnote in history, AERO can continue to build a better future for children.

To make a tax deductible donation to help sustain AERO and see the thank you premiums please visit this site:


For donations of $50 or more, you will receive Riane Eisler’s fantastic keynote address at the 8th annual AERO conference.


Jerry Mintz
Executive Director

All donations are tax deductible. We have raised $1,000 and as we did last year, we are aiming at raising $20,000 to keep AERO going.


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