Vacation Aftermath, Fallout and Evacuation

This is the morning I have been waiting for. The one where my brain had relocated its’ socket and began to function on a proper level that is in keeping with this blog. 10 days away from the keyboard, no boy in the house. It has been like a honeymoon for my wife and I.

And the weekend was full of family, family, family. Just when you do not think that that is important anymore, the truth comes flooding back in, followed by an earthquake.

Over the weekend we visited cousins upstate. Cousins I have not seen in decades, and cousins who I hardly knew existed, but are now grown adults. The conscious mind does not care or acknowledge these events. But the blood vibrates with positivity. There is something organic that is transmitted between those we are related to. The clan of kreplach. The truth behind any of this is beyond science.

Then I had more visits on Sunday which I will not go into because of the highly personal nature of these contacts. But to put it in perspective: there must be some cosmic movement that is bringing all this into the fore. On top of that, my business associate lost his father, had to fly to England for the funeral arrangements and therefore had not accomplished any of the business tasks that were scheduled while I was away. We visited him yesterday for a Shivva call which is the Jewish period of mourning. While we were there, the house began to shake.

Tony: What is that?

Me: What are you talking about?

Tony: the house is shaking.

Me: It must be the wind.

Tony: That feels like an earthquake.

Me: Well, if it is, then it should be over in 8 seconds.

Tony called over to his son, who had not budged from his computer, where he was deeply involved in playing Mindcraft. After we left the house, the buzz on the street seemed to concur that it was indeed an earthquake, which was confirmed when we stopped in to visit a friend’s studio. She had picked up the information off twitter. News does indeed travel fast in our time.

The days have been beautiful. My son is away until tomorrow with his cousins. there is no school news or events to write about. And I am too calm right now to react to any of the many disturbing developments taking place around the world. I will just look at the world that is sleeping, while my guitar gently weeps.


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