More Aftermath

From Ditmas Park Blog-This is up the street from me.

The storm has passed. At least the weather related one. It seems to be a time for storms. Hopefully, some could bring the kind of fresh air that Hurricane Irene did.

Nice cool breeze coming in the window today. Clear skies. The cicadas quietly hum their way toward the end of summer. And still another week until Labor Day. Three more weeks until school starts.

I have been hard pressed to write much this summer. The motivation for this blog is education activism. I have not had any emotional space to react to the everyday ignorance surrounding education reform. I hear that “the future” is off the table and that only NOW matters. I think that I have a bit of different view of NOW then the one our legislators are thinking about. It is said that the current economic problems are so huge, that any kind of reform is not practical at the moment. I say it is the only thing that is practical.

It has been written many times on this blog that children are the future. And you can only protect that future by dealing with the present. There is no other way. Unless you believe that there is a conspiracy to maintain a high level of stupidity in order for the super wealthy to maintain their criminal place in our society. while we flounder about trying to survive on less and less, then we are without much hope. But if you believe different, then a different future may be possible.

There will be no long diatribe today. Just leaving the question out there. School will start again soon. And I will find myself around that excited energy that is the byproduct of curious children who are given the unique opportunity to understand themselves while pursuing a new concept in what we have come to call “education.” It is that natural force, that is given play at Brooklyn Free School, as well as other Free schools across the country and around the world. It is from this MOST present energy, that any future movements will come.  That is all I can offer for the moment.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed,  it is the only thing that ever has.
—Margaret Mead


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