All’s Quiet On the Brooklyn Front

The blog has been silent. The words lay dormant at my fingertips. I have not written a word in weeks. Today it is time to start moving my fingers and my thoughts across the page. Dance fingers, dance!

The open studio is over. After weeks of gearing up for it, and then having guests in and out of the apartment, I have taken this day as a personal holiday. A reprieve. Time to digest.

I have no comments on education or political world. I have no philosophical or spiritual wisdom to impart. No handed down news, or upcoming events. Just taking a moment to reacquaint myself with the pursuit of creative enterprise. And being that I have just been through a big push in terms of creating and showing my work, it is nice to take a break.

The thoughts  and the feelings are brewing. I am sure a new article is in the works. But for now, I will let it rest.

Just one note though. Brooklyn Free School is about to launch its’ Annual Appeal. If you wish to support the school and our continued efforts to revolutionize education, you can contact me directly at

For a link to the pdf click here. Annual Appeal.2011Final


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