It’s Deeper Than You Think

Observe this: It is considered impressive when a few thousand people show up for a rally that questions the banking fiasco on Wall Street and the destructiv­­e consequenc­­es it is having on the entire population across the board VERSUS 1 million people showing up to celebrate the Giants victory in the Super Bowl. Something that is truly important, like revolution­­izing education, and looking at how students will truly impact the future of our nation falls on deaf ears. And why not? Our nations leaders are from a privileged class and cannot integrate another vision into their outlook. And look at the GOP front runners. Do they represent anything to aspire toward in any cultural capacity?

Only a grassroots movement, like the Democratic Free School movement, or un-schooli­­ng or a host of other student driven alternativ­­es will we see any promising results. The public education arena has always been a factory. Now it is one where the equipment is rusty and failing, the proprietor­­s are sleeping and the building is about to collapse.
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One Comment on “It’s Deeper Than You Think”

  1. dianezee says:

    Bruce – Have YOU considered writing for the Huffington Post. I think you might be ready.

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