Careful What You Eat

It has always been apparent to me that if something is not good for you, you should stop it. As a child I was often told to stop biting my nails, or not to consume too much soda or candy. Of course, I was too stupid to listen. I have since developed some sense, after the loss of a few teeth. Is my understanding that adults eventually develop and stop doing stupid things, misguided?

It is hard for me to read the news. Especially the corporate controlled versions that spill onto the airwaves daily. But even one who does not read the intricacies of what is happening in America on a daily level, it is hard to avoid the facts that pass through my brain on a constant basis. If you think I am alluding to the going-ons of the GOP, you would be right. If you think I am alluding to the recent flap over the verbal excrement of Rush Limbaugh, you would be right. You would also be right if you understood that what I observe in our species is a daily parade of madness. It is a global manifestation of going-against-the-common-good. An instinct to stop doing what is bad for you. And if others do it to you, to ask them to cease doing it. (Stop that!)

Maybe it is just me. It would be better to lie about in a deep state of somnambulistic bliss, ignoring the daily stupidities of humans. It is like I have woken up in Bizarro world, and there is no hope of my having one shred of affect on it. Everyone around me talks about the world as if what we had was so great, and we are at any minute going to rebound into economic bliss. That somehow an intelligent being will arise among the gang of dopes who portend to the throne of the United States. Mr. Obama, maybe the most sane individual to occupy the Office of President for some time, seems tongue tied in the face of constant masquerade at not offending anyone. I have always been of the mind that it is time to offend. The psychos have been running the asylum. It is like Gotham City is not some made up fantasy world, but the one we really live in.

It has been some time since I have been able to lay my fingers upon the typing keys and express my sense of disillusionment, with a constant wish to wake up from my own deep state of sleep. It is hard to blame a gang of fools for my disadvantages. After all, I live in the same world. Or am I kidding myself?

When I was a kid, if the bully walked onto the ball field where we were playing, and tried to intimidate my friends, I was the one who went out to face them. It was not that I was bigger, or stronger. It might be that I was crazier, and that I had a sense of adventure to meet my intimidator face-to-face, but I could not stand by while some fool decided to muck things up for their own personal entertainment. I had to do something.

Someone like Rush Limbaugh needs to be yanked off the airwaves. It should have been done years ago. He should be joined by a host of other morons who flood your TV screen, newspaper columns and the like. Fools like Anne Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and many more people who I do not bother to listen to or give any of my attention to whatsoever. But I do need to know they are there. Waiting to parade out onto my ball field and interrupt my game. And this is what they have done. Or at least they speak for the bullies who have done it. They protect the criminals who have taken everything to a new level of stupid.

Those four guys who are still standing after the circus this country refers to as a GOP race for the White House. They need to be ordered to wear clown noses whenever they appear in public. Better yet, keep the clown nose on and have them appear without pants. This way we can get a look at their shriveled little dicks. We will understand that these men are far less than the least of us. I would elevate a mugger over the likes of Newt Gingrich. At least I know the limits of what a mugger wants to take from me.

It seemed like a good morning for a rant. The last days of winter always sit heavy on my heart. Given the additional fact that my bank account is a fiscal joke and that prospects for paying assignments lies at an all time low, I have a few things to beef about. I have not figured out what percent of the 99% I am. It seems to change daily. But I am deep in the woods. And there are zombie crazies everywhere.

Anti-coal photographer and activist Mark Schmerling's photo of Massey Energy’s destruction of Kayford Mountain

This week, I posted an article I read in YES magazine. It raised a very interesting legal prospect that is open to us citizens. It is called “Charter Revocation.” Essentially, if a company is doing harm to us, say, like spilling millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf, or poisoning our food chain, it is conceivable to prosecute the corporation as violating the public trust to do business in a way that is responsible to the rest of the society. The Health Department will shut down a restaurant if they violate the health codes. In fact, corporations are bound by the same responsibilities. But it would take a large storm of resistance from “We The People” to take them down. Make them serve us instead of us them.

Charter revocation effectively constitutes the death penalty for a corporation. Even occasional use would be a major deterrent to corporate wrongdoing.

When something is bad for you, you should stop doing it. Smoking is bad for me, so I don’t do it. I know it is hard to stop doing things that are bad for us. We have become resistant to the voice of common sense inside us. But we must persist. If we want a world that makes better sense, it needs to start with me.