Free E-Book: Stop Stealing Dreams

This was sent this morning via the BFS parent listserve.

Seth Godin, who writes the #1 marketing blog in the world, published a free ebook/manifesto yesterday on the problems with the current educational system in the US.

His basic argument is that the public education system in the US was designed to produce obedient factory workers who would also be pliable consumers. Godin suggests that the “Connection Age” (as he terms our modern era) demands a different type of education. He argues that we can’t achieve a different mission for education by following the same old methods. The manifesto is worth reading by any parent, or anyone who is interested in education. Godin draws heavily on the work of John Taylor Gatto (such as *Weapons of Mass Instruction* – also highly recommended.)

There are multiple ways to read the manifesto/book Рonline, in printable version, or as an ebook. You can download or view here: 

Seth’s blog is here: