Lenny’s Garage a BIG SUCCESS!!

Yesterday’s event at Lenny’s Garage had a huge turnout due in part to the story being picked up on NY1 News. In addition, many of Lenny’s friends from the Antique Automobile Club of Brooklyn brought their own vehicles and parked them on the street in front extending our temporary museum of antique vehicles. As of this posting the proceeds are estimated to be in excess of $3500 which would make this one of the best fundraisers to date. Especially for a one day event and one that involved no up front costs. There were many people taking pictures and I hope they are better than mine. But in the meantime I will share what I have.

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I wish I was a better photographer.

One of the things I was able to capture is what makes Lenny’s collection so unique. He collects everything that has to do with a garage. There is one photo of Lenny, wearing what looks like his Bar Mitzvah sports jacket, standing in front of a¬†Messerschmitt KR-200, the retro furturistic car that was seen in the movie Brasil (not Lenny’s though.). I was able to capture the Schloz Bros Soda truck. My dad was a seltzerman so it had nostalgic value for me. The photos of my son are of him sitting in an authentic Model T Ford. There are cans, bottles, wagons, bicycles, tire changers and pumps, signs. He had on the wall animation cells from the film, Yellow Submarine. Toy cars and just about anything that an obsessive collector would want. And none of it for sale.

This was a great event and we hope to repeat it next spring.