The Sky is the Limit: Highest Hit Count So Far

This blog is going on 3 years old. When I started this, I was lucky to have 30-40 people visiting my page each day. Some days I would get 12, others 50. But as time went on, the visits became an average of 60 – 80 and if I topped a 100, it was a big deal.

As of this year the visit average rose to over a 100 a day, almost every day. I was satisfied with that. I am aware that democratic education is not everyone’s thing. But education in of itself should be. This year, I also made it a policy to post on a regular basis. This does not mean I always have to write something. A blog has this unique flexibility of being able to share things. If an article comes by my desk, or an interesting video, I can use that as an opportunity to keep the blog active. Announcements, photo diaries, personal news etc. become fodder for keeping the blog up to date and relevant. As for my own writing, it may be at least once or twice a week. There are periods where I do not feel I have anything to write about.

So I am writing today to share the odd news that yesterday the blog had 583 visits. The counts were going into the upper 100’s and passed 200 twice in the past week, but for the counter to suddenly pass 500 was a bit of a shock.

The wonderful thing you get with a blog is the dashboard. The dash gives you statistics on where your visits are coming from, even by country. It tells you what articles people are going to. Also, as you begin to accumulate articles, you also begin to accumulate search terms. These are the key words in every article that search engines seek out. This may be one of the key reasons the blog is increasing in visits. I have also learned from the Brooklyn Free School web master, Lisa Daniels, that my blog is one of the key feeder sites for the school’s website.

The article that I passed on regarding the strange letter a child wrote to a weatherman, seems to be getting tremendous interest. So even though it was not something I wrote, the interest is driving people to visit The Free School Apparent.

Not bad for something that was thought up on a car ride home from the first North American Democratic Education Conference. It is my hope that more people who are concerned about the future and the present of education in this country, will come and share their thoughts. Thank you for your interest and support. I hope to keep bringing it.