Please Buy an Ad in the BFS Annual Gala Journal

Last year’s Journal Cover

Last year we initiated a journal to accompany the Annual Fundraising Gala. Volunteers work hard all year to help make up the shortfall in the budget. A shortfall which is used to help many children who cannot afford this alternative. This year we have been pushing hard to increase on last year’s success. So I am appealing to my blog roll and democratic education supporters for help. Ads are priced at reasonable rates and the book is printed in full color.

For those wishing to show their support, banner ads start at $40, quarter page is $65, half page is $125 and full page is $200. You can make your check payable to Brooklyn Free School and send it in before May 11, 2012 to:

Brooklyn Free School
2012 Gala Journal
372 Clinton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238 

I have created a size guide

If you wish to buy tickets to attend this event here is the link to buy tickets and other pertinent information.

The following message was sent out to parents this morning. 

The journal is coming together and we are quickly approaching the $3000 mark, but I believe we can do better if more of our community steps up. We now have FOUR full pages of banner ads which go for the affordable price of $40! The banner ads are the easiest to sell because it does not require a huge investment. One way you can place an ad is to raise money in your office and compose a message from the group. Also, we have received ads from relatives of students who are approaching graduation.

As I said in my last post, Sheryll and I have solicited ads from our local merchants, most of whom know Noah. We have received ads from our pediatrician, our health food store, wine bar, wine seller, hair salon and cafe. It also includes ads from friends and family. If more parents participate, this can potentially be the best fundraiser ever.

The Gala journal illustrates the support we get from our community. This is useful in soliciting grants in the future. Granters like to see the participation of the community. So the more we can do at this juncture, the better the chance of raising the bar for providing a great environment for learning for ALL of our children.

There is a still time to get ads as the closing for the journal will be May 11th. If you have an ad you can send me the message at bzeines@… or drop it off in Alan’s office with payment.

Thank you to all of the parents, teachers and friends who have lent support to this fundraiser.


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