Then the rains they came
And washed everything away
And though the people went insane
Everything remained the same.

The above verse was written by me in 1976 during a city wide alert for an impending hurricane. There was a lot of tape and batteries sold, but the promised storm never came. The poem came to mind because I feel that what has been happening in my life, what has kept me from having the time to write on this blog, has been a storm of sorts. And the rain of the past day is just another passing symbol. But I feel that this storm is bringing changes of all sorts.

Since March, my family has been cognizant of the fact that we have to move. The owner of the house we have lived in for the past 6 years, requested his space back for his family. I negotiated a fair deal in which we have had rent waived for the past few months. But that time is drawing to an end. So during these past weeks I have had the opportunity of viewing places, most of which would not be suitable for a fly, let alone a family. We are not without options, but that is just one of the things that has had its gun pointed at my head these past few months.

On top of all this, we have entered maybe the busiest time we have ever had in our entire lives. We have been given opportunities that just could not be passed over. My wife has been attending classes in Urban Farming, Community Outreach, as well as running tables at several green festivals. All this while helping to manage Greening Flatbush which happened back in March, and Brooklyn Free School’s 4th Annual Gala, which culminated last Thursday. My role in this was to create a complete invitation program, which included a change of venue card (another crisis), and a 32 page journal for which I designed, art directed, wrote and sold and designed ads for. We had a lot of help on this, but it is an enormous undertaking coupled with the already unsettling aspect of having to pack up and move my home.

If that was not enough, I also won a mural bid for the Church Avenue BID. My mural, which I thought would be mostly done by volunteers, has been done mostly by me alone, with a little help. I hope to have that finished up by the end of this week. Below is the work in progress. At the left is the original sketch, and on the right is the where it is currently. As I have never upsized my art like this, and I am painting on a metal grate as opposed to flat surface, the project has had it’s challenges.

I have not really done much drawing or writing during all of this tumult. There are a host of other things I am involved with, which do not have much place on this blog, but they do add to the intensity that surrounds this period of time. If I can say anything about the poem I started this entry with, is that by the time we are out of the storm, everything will have changed. As the school year winds down, the level of activity winds up. Hopefully I can bring some insight at the end of all of this. In the meantime, I am just happy that I have the forum to evacuate my brain.


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