A Frightening Statistic

A recent viewing of the film The War Against Kids, which I was unable to finish because the subject matter made me so upset, illustrated very clearly what the national attitude toward children is. If you are interested, the link will allow you to see the film in its’ entirety on YouTube. I guarantee, you will not need more than 30 minutes to get the point. America is in real trouble when we begin to study how children are treated in the institutional setting. And in most cases, this attitude really has only one intended result: to track some of our most challenged children into the “prison industrial complex.” If for some reason you do not believe that such a thing is real, you can check the stock exchange listings where companies such as Corrections Corporation of America are publicly traded.

Although I had no intention of getting into a long winded post on this subject, I wanted to share a chart that passed my way via The Freechild Project

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. —Abraham Lincoln


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