Introducing David B Easton

David Easton will be joining The Free School Apparent (TFSA) as Contributor. TFSA has basically been my voice, but it has always been my desire to have others join the conversation. I welcome David and look forward to his unique insights on education, children and life.David Easton

Born in New Jersey and raised in rural Connecticut, I’m a country boy at heart. After 18 years of running through the woods, jumping off gorges and living amidst nature I moved to the big city where I surrounded myself with much needed diversity. Over the next four years I studied at NYU where I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts for film and television production (with a minor in philosophy). The city and all that it has to offer has captivated me ever since.

A few years ago I pursued my interest in education and became a NYC teaching Fellow and started teaching special education in Ozone Park, Queens while getting my masters from Queens College. My experience at the middle school where I worked led me to start researching alternative methods to the standard public school way. I loved my students and felt sorry that they were expected to conform to the system and not the other way around. I am a constant self-directed learner and feel that it is really the only way that anyone learns anything. I truly believe that living is learning and learning is living and I can’t imagine having one without the other.

David has been an advisor at Brooklyn Free School for 6 years and resigned last year to pursue his own independent film projects. He continues to conduct a philosophy class at BFS. David will be posting articles on TFSA in the coming weeks, with the intent of opening a discussion between us as to what we observe in children in relation to the ever changing needs of our society.


One Comment on “Introducing David B Easton”

  1. I enjoy reading this blog very much and as a nature and philosophy enthusiast myself I look forward to reading David Easton’s contributions! Welcome!

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