84 Drawings by Bruce Zeines

Just wanted to let you know I finally finished the book. If you know anyone who might be interested, I am running it right now as a crowd funding project, which means I am looking for help from the community to publish the book.  Please feel free to share with your lists.

Finally the book is done! 


After 3 years of constant drawing, I have compiled my book “84 Drawings” with a foreword by Lee Van Laer of Parabola Magazine.

Reaching out into the imaginal, he has created what Ibn ‘Arabi would call a barzakh—a reconciling bridge—which occupies the gap between material reality and the world of ideas. Each image draws us deep into questions about what happens when the “real” world is deconstructed back into the various fragments of emotion, thought, and tactile sensation that assemble themselves into our ordinary impressions.… This is a book you will find yourself picking up in those idle moments when the mind is in need of an unusual piece of stimulation; a special tidbit, something out of the ordinary. Every time you pick it up, it will look new all over again. — Lee Van Laer —from the Foreword

Currently, I am working on raising funds through Rocket Hub in order to be able to publish 100 hard copies.

There is more information about the campaign at the link below. There are incentives for donating, but anyone donating at least $25 will receive an e-book. The goal is to make the book available to as many as possible.


Bruce Zeines • Designer, Artist
Tel: (347) 787-6588 | Cell: (718) 689-4729
bzeines@optonline.net | Bruce’s Website



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