Drawing Stories – Bruce Zeines Crowdfunds New Artwork

This is from my interview is now up on the RocketHub blog!

This particular project was started quite innocently. I found some pens, which bore a similarity in line that was reminiscent of a style that I aspired toward when I was a teenager, which is about 40 years ago. So I began to explore that approach anew. The drawings evolved over time and seemed to tell a story, even though it is not overt. One has to spend time with the drawings to experience what they are about. So I felt a book was the perfect solution to display them. I was already aware of self-publishing, but I wanted to raise the money for it. I have always had a small following, so I felt there were enough people out there who liked my work, who would be willing to help me do this, and get access to my work in a way that was more affordable than buying the art outright. I am not new to crowdfunding. I tried a half-hearted attempt to raise money for a film project on Kickstarter. Of course it failed. My wife said it was because I did not have enough of myself invested in it. This time around, the project is much closer to me. It is a very intimate expression that I am sharing in a book. It is also something that people I know are able to respond to.

See more at: http://blog.rockethub.com/post/55786592914/drawing-stories-bruce-zeines-crowdfunds-new-artwork#sthash.T7Co5JW4.dpuf


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