In Response to Wake Up World

In response to a blog forum called Wake Up World; 5 Big Signs The Global Engine of Deceit, Lies and Control Are Coming To End | Wake Up World— I posted this response.

Yes, in a perfect world I would agree. But what I see around me in actuality is the opposite. The more we are aware that things are no longer relevant, the more I see neighbors who are addicted to the things that have created this paradigm in the first place. People still love their cars and treat them better than they treat their children. There is still an overwhelming addiction to shopping in our culture. The majority has still not embraced the concepts of sustainability. Education is a disaster in the USA and still works off of old coercion based industrialized models. Yes the Global Engine of Deceit may be crumbling, but those in power are merely shifting their focus in order to position themselves as rulers when a new sustainable model takes the place of the old unsustainable one.

The recent divestment of the Rockafellers in oil is a good example. They will just reposition their wealth in order to stay on top. They created the oil industry and now they get to move on without any consequences.

Awakening is a much deeper occurrence than this article can illustrate. Consciousness has never been embraced by the many. It has always been the province of the few. I hope for a world that is awakened and striving for human endeavors that connect us to the greater universe. But the truth is much different than we hope for.


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