Moon in Sagittarius

There is a fond memory I have from high school. I believe it was a history or social studies class, where the teacher asked “are there any questions?” And one student, whom I cannot remember too well, but who will forever have my unrelenting respect replied “What is reality?”

That question reflects my mood this morning. What is reality?

The moon is in Sagittarius. You the reader may not hold much stock in astrology. But I have been an astrological observer for most of my life. I do not read charts, but I have watched  to see if the influence of certain placements have any effect. And the movements of the moon, have their own specific taste, which has repeated itself in 30 day cycles for as long as I have been doing this. Moon in Sagittarius is my favorite. It has a very specific coloration.

The moon moving through the signs is very quick. Each signs’ influence only lasts for 2.5 days (give or take.) When the moon enters Aries, I feel intense and energetic, as I also do in Leo. But moon in Sagittarius has this spiritual quality that none of the others have for me. There is a sense of “return to self” where I begin to question my existence in a new way. The quality of contemplation seems to wash over me. The fact that this happens every 30 days, and that if I have these feelings without knowing the moons’ placement, I am usually validated by checking the ephemeral calendar. The fact that I had the feelings this morning, without knowing where the moon was, is a mystery I would rather not try to answer.

The signs that seem to leave their mark on me is no accident as I am a Leo and all the signs I mentioned are of the element fire. It is summer, and I seem to get into a kind of hot weather hibernation. Stuck in the midst of an intense heatwave with no AC, almost no business, and just about no communication, my life seems to be at a point of big questions. Questions not so easy to answer. Questions that can only be helped by an inner gaze. Moon in Sagittarius amplifies that inner gaze. For me, it is like a new beginning.

Cycles like this usually have an end. Like the heat wave, a clap of thunder and a torrential rainstorm usually mark the end. But what of the inner world?

As now it is way too hot to put out another clear thought, I am going to take leave as I steel myself for another day of survival. Back to my glass of water.