Thanks Giving


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Kali-The Destroyer

Kali-The Destroyer

The vision to reject
I am Man, lording it over all the lands. I piss in your rivers. I pollute your skies. Obliterate your mountains. Where I walk, the stench of death and decay abound. Oil and waste leak from my skin, and drip onto the soil. Into your bays and oceans. For the world revolves around me. I am Man.

For me, the differences of race are like the difference between animals. Between plants and minerals. My role is to seek dominance. to rule over all existence. Everything is here for the taking.


Another viewpoint
There is no “I.”  There is no time. There is no race. Colors are merely part of a spectrum of light. Everything is light. The existence I participate in is to integrate with the existence of everything else. To become one with the light. But I am weighed down by material existence. My desires. My judgements. My opinions. My reactions. Thoughts. The endless river of mental verbiage.  This is the nature of my slavery. I am a slave to illusions. The purpose of this life is to free myself, little by little of these illusions, all past down to me through time.

We are engaged in a search for the true “I.” The one that tells us that every end is a beginning. Every beginning an end. That my purpose is to integrate into a level of awareness that will connect my small cell of energy to that of the grand force that is the mega-verse. My breath seeks alignment with the cosmos—with spheres greater than myself.

With this vision, there is no race. There is no difference between us and everything living. It is all life.

For me this is the only cure to racism. Without this realization, we will be in a continual loop to validate our pitiful existence. It will always be about who has more. Who deserves more. Who is entitled. Today you persecute the one. Tomorrow you persecute the other. Eventually, it will be you who are persecuted.

When my understanding grows beyond the desires of the materialistic world, then a new process can begin. One that reaches beyond accepted boundaries of existence. If more of humanity could be infected with this way of thinking, our violence toward each other would slowly disappear. Then our energy could be turned toward this great planet we all share.

And today I express thanks to this great planet and the opportunities it provides. May we some day learn to embrace that. —BZ

Cosmic Graphic by Bruce Zeines

Cosmic Graphic by Bruce Zeines